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17.00د.إ /KG 5 to 6 pieces per kg

fresh black pepper


Black pepper is considered safe for human consumption in the typical amounts used in food and cooking.

Fresh Turmeric

30.00د.إ /Kg

Turmeric is generally used as a spice and medicinal herb. It helps to improve digestion and reduce inflammation.

Garlic (Black)

34.00د.إ/PKT 250g

Garlic (black) is just like “Garlic” (Allium Sativum) is a species of a bulbous flowering plant closely relating to onion, leek, chive, Chinese onion. It is native to Northeastern Iran and Central Asia. For the past thousands of years, it has been a part of human food consumption and other uses. Like ancient Egyptians have been […]

Green Tomatoes


Description/Taste Green tomatoes are simply unripe Red tomatoes that are harvested at an early point in their growth. Its has light to dark lime green skin and are extremely firm. The flesh is bright chartreuse and has a very firm center with tiny, underdeveloped seeds. The Green tomato has a similar flavor than the ripe […]

Habanero chilli green


Habanero chili is a quite hot type of chili. These are green when unripe and their color turns becomes reddish as they mature fully. Interestingly, their name has been taken from the Cuban city “La Habana” which is called in English as “Havana”. Also, it’s important to note that despite being a native to Cuba, […]