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Banana (ECUADOR)


Loaded with nutrition, Bananas are the most common fruit.

Mango Green


  Benifits: Helps Weight Loss, Prevents Dehydration, Treats Stomach Disorders, Detoxifies Your Liver, High in Vitamin C, Boosts Cardiovascular Health, Below is the nutritional content in 100 grams of diced raw mango. Energy 60 kcal Protein 0.5 g Fat 0.3 g Carbs 17 g Vitamin C  27.7 mg Vitamin A 0.2 mg Folate 14 mcg Vitamin […]


Melon Honeydew

18.00د.إ/Kg Approx 1.8 - 2.2 kg Per Melon

Sweet Melon include high water content and potassium levels which make sweet melon useful for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.  Sweet melon contains both vitamin C and copper, they promote healthy skin by aiding collagen production and tissue repair. Sweet melon contain nutrient which increase bone health. Sweet melon help to control sugar level in blood. Sweet melon contain two very important antioxidant Lutein and Zeaxanthin which support and boost Eye vision and health.


Orange Navel


Benefits: Orange are an excellent source of vitamin A and C . They are also a good source of dietary fibre, vitamin E, B6 and folate.


Pineapple Baby

10.00د.إ/Piece 450g to 500g per pc

Benefits: Contains Disease-Fighting Antioxidants, Its Enzymes Can Ease Digestion, May Help Reduce the Risk of Cancer, May Boost Immunity and Suppress Inflammation.



Rambutan is similar to lychee but his flesh taste is more sweeter than lychee.



11.50د.إ/Pkt 1x.250gm

Strawberry a.k.a. garden strawberry is a widely cultivated hybrid species of genus Fragaria and family Rosaceae, jointly known as strawberries, a fruit that is grown throughout the world. This amazing fruit is highly recommended and accepted for its signature aroma, glittery red color, juicy texture, and of course its sweetness. Together these are simply a […]