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The Capsicum genus is from one of the most important “nightshade” families. Some other famous nightshade members include potatoes, tomatoes, and brinjals. There are as many as thirty-six well-known capsicum plant species like capsicum frutescens, capsicum pubescens, capsicum annuum, capsicum Chinese, capsicum baccatum, and more.

Chili Serrano


Chili Serrano or serrano pepper (Capsicum annuum) is a type of chili pepper. These are originated from Mexico (particularly its states, Puebla and Hidalgo). Also due to some linkages with the “sierras” mountain, these are most probably terms as chili serrano. It is said that chilies have been a part of human food usage for […]

Habanero chilli green


Habanero chili is a quite hot type of chili. These are green when unripe and their color turns becomes reddish as they mature fully. Interestingly, their name has been taken from the Cuban city “La Habana” which is called in English as “Havana”. Also, it’s important to note that despite being a native to Cuba, […]

Tapioca Srilanka


Tapioca a.k.a. tapioca Srilanka or cassava or manioc or maravalli kizhangu in Tamil is a root vegetable. It is a species native to the North and Northeast region of Brazil, Africa, and areas belonging to down South Asia accordingly. Being a portion of staple food, Tapioca is widely used by millions of people living in […]


Tomatoes are the fruit that is considered as a vegetable by many people around the world in general and by many nutritions in particular. Technically, the fruit has a ripened flower ovary and contains seeds. This is the reason why tomatoes along with green beans and pumpkins are devised as a vegetable by many veteran nutritions.