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Chinese Yam


Chinese yam a.k.a. cinnamon-vine is basically a vegetable and a species in yam-family. People also call it as “Chinese potato” whereas its Japanese name is nagaimo. As the most common name describes, Chinese Potato are native to China but also found in various part of East Asia and so on. Interesting, the edible tubers are […]

Sakura Cress


When we talk about cress, it’s basically a plant of cabbage family. And they have tiny flowers as well as leaves that are edible at times. But Sakura cress is something different. It is a version of popular Daikon cress. It’s red-colored cress having the flavor of reddish. Its taste is pretty spicy, which is […]

Turmeric leaves

12.00د.إ/Pkt (5 leaves)

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