Alphonso Mango

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Alphonso Mango a.k.a. Indian Mango is originated in India. Interestingly, this particular variety is named after Alphonso de Albuquerque, a Portuguese Military General who established the Portuguese colonies in India. The Portuguese introduced the drafting technique to produce this particular variety. Ever since India or more specifically Western India is very much famous around the world for its production. Moreover, mango is the national fruit for both India and Pakistan.

Season of Alphonso Mango

Like many other fruits, Alphonso is also a seasonal fruit. It is available from mid of April to the end of June every year. Generally, the weight of an average fruit is somewhere between 150-300 grams or 5.3 to 10.6 oz. The most amazing part of this fruit is its creamy, rich, tender, and juicy pulp. There are some unique characteristics, knowing which you can easily identify an Alphanso. For instance, a fully ripe fruit turns bright golden yet yellow as far as its skin is concerned. Additionally, the flesh is quite saffron. Also, this is one of the most expensive varieties of mango.

Uses and ways of Intake

In many parts of the world like the Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Gulf, and more Mango is famous as the “King of the fruit”. This is the reason why people have devised many ways for its intake to enjoy. Like many people would have it raw. However, mango sorbet, Jam, Jelly, ice cream, mousse, juice, salad, or even milk-shakes are some food with mango as a basic ingredient.

Nutrient Profile & Related Health Benefits

Mango is famous as the king of fruits across the world for its taste and quality. Yet many important nutrients & minerals are present in it. Consequently, numerous health benefits are also associated with it. For example, it is a rich source of vitamin C, 44% of Daily Value. Besides, it contains vitamin E, Vitamin K, dietary fiber, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, and many more.

They are packed with certain unique compounds that act as antioxidants that prevent cells from radical damage. Moreover, they support heart health, improve the digestive system, and boosts immunity accordingly.

Like I said before Alphonso is exported worldwide due to its taste and quality. Surprisingly, if you are residing in UAE and you want to enjoy Indian Mango, Freshleaf UAE, is the best option for you.


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