Blood Orange





The blood orange is a unique variety of orange (Citrus x Sinensis). Its flesh has a resemblance with blood as far the color is concerned. This is the reason why to call it blood orange. The particular dark flesh color is due to the presence of the chemical anthocyanins a family of polyphenol pigments common in various flowers and fruits. But it is not common in citrus fruits like orange. This characteristic maroon color comes into existence by the time when the fruit develops at low temperatures in the night.

Texture and Taste of blood orange

Interesting one may find it harder to peel the skin of this particular fruit other than the normal orange. Sometimes, people find the dark color on the exterior of the rind as well. It is believed that blood orange may have originated in the southern Mediterranean in the 18th century or so. They are cultivated in the United States from (December to March) and (November to May) in Texas and California respectively. If we talk about its taste, one may find it somewhat tart; whereas other kinds are sweet. It has a raspberry-like flavor in addition to normal citrus notes. But one thing is for sure that blood orange has yet quite distinct and amazing taste as compared to other oranges.

Uses and Health Benefits

Interestingly, it is a natural mutation of the orange. And therefore its uses and advantages are very much similar to that of the common orange. Like blood, oranges are used in the preparation of marmalade. Also, their zest is widely used in baking. Other uses may include gelato, sorbet, and more. Raw fruit is a rich source of vitamin C (Almost 20% or even greater Daily Value DV) and dietary fiber.

We all know that vitamin C is conducive to healthy blood vessels and muscles. Moreover, it also improves our iron absorption capability and enhances our immunity system.  Similarly, this fruit has certain antioxidants that have anti-cancer properties accordingly. Also, they help against damage caused by free radicals.

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