Chili Serrano




Chili Serrano or serrano pepper (Capsicum annuum) is a type of chili pepper. These are originated from Mexico (particularly its states, Puebla and Hidalgo). Also due to some linkages with the “sierras” mountain, these are most probably terms as chili serrano. It is said that chilies have been a part of human food usage for ages. Interestingly, by many botanical experts’ theses have been categorized as serrano fruit as well as serrano plant, accordingly.


Serrano Fruit:

These are eaten raw and their taste is a bit bitter yet bright, hotter notes than jalapeno chili. Interestingly, a connotation is associated with this particular phenomenon. If the plant gets more exposure as far as the watering process is concerned with a focus on soil merely, peppers would be a bit mild in taste and a bit hotter otherwise. These are commonly used in making sauces, salsa, salads, and many other popular dishes in many parts of the world like South Asia, the Middle East, and more where people are found of spices in their food.


Serrano Plant: 

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A mature plant of it reaches, 1.5 meters height maximumly with 50 berries yield or so. These turn green color when unripe, however ripe serrano has a variety of colors like green, red, brown, and more. Also, these contain certain key nutrients and many health benefits are attached to them accordingly.

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