Choy Sum





Choy Sum

Choy sum a.k.a. choi sum or “cai xin” is a leafy vegetable. It belongs to genus Brassica of the mustard family, Brassicaceae. It is widely used in Chinese cuisine. As a matter of fact in Chinese language it literal meaning is “heart of the vegetable.” Native people also call it as Chinese flowering cabbage.

It can be eaten as raw however most people like to eat it cooked. Interestingly, its entire above ground portion can be eaten including its leaves, stalks and even the small flowers. There are numerous recipes that are associated with this quite amazing yet tasty vegetable.

Choy Sum: Nutrient and Minerals fact

It is pretty rich as far as nutrients and minerals are concerned. For instance it contains vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, calcium, Iron, carbohydrates and more. This is reason why one may regard it highly beneficial vegetable for human health. Like it also contains glucosinolates, chemical compounds that act as natural safeguard against cancer disease.


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