Coconut Water




Coconut water a.k.a. coconut juice (but to less extent) is a liquid inside the coconuts. Honestly speaking it a suspension for endosperms during the nuclear phase of development as far as the coconut is concerned. With time, this endosperm deposits into the rind of the pulp no sooner it develops, accordingly.  Interestingly, water inside the young coconuts is more like that inside of a fully grown coconut. And that particular water (from the young coconuts) is sometimes also known as “buko juice”.

Coconut Water- Reality Check

It has a sweet yet nutty taste. But, it is at the same time naturally refreshing, too. It has certain digestible carbohydrates in the form of electrolytes and of course, sugar.

One must not get confused with coconut milk or oil. As the water is a liquid, present in the center of the fruit.

Uses and Ways of Intake

It has been a very popular drink, especially in tropical countries for ages. Native people like to have it fresh (from a fresh coconut), canned, or even bottled, accordingly. Any they have the option to be served through different packaging like aluminum cans, glass bottles, tetra packs, and more as far as retail is concerned. Other uses may include coconut vinegar and coconut jelly etc.

Nutrient Profile for Coconut Water

A 100-millimeter amount of coconut water contains 79 Kcalories. And also it possesses 95% water 4% carbohydrates with some protein. On the other hand, it has a tiny amount of vitamins and dietary minerals (under 10% of daily value DV).

In the western world, it has been marketed as a natural energy or sports drink due to its low level of fat and carbohydrates. Also because of the fact, it has less sugar than many other sports drinks and some fruit juices. Let’s not forget one health risk associated with excessive usage of it, i.e. the consequent increment in the amount of potassium that leads to acute kidney complications.

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