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Habanero chili is a quite hot type of chili. These are green when unripe and their color turns becomes reddish as they mature fully. Interestingly, their name has been taken from the Cuban city “La Habana” which is called in English as “Havana”. Also, it’s important to note that despite being a native to Cuba, habanero chilies are hard to find in popular Cuban cuisine. It is said that these chilies are brought from Amazon to Mexico and Spanish colonialists spread them to the other parts of the world, accordingly. Earlier, it was wrongly thought that China is the origin for it.  


Several varieties of Habanero Chili:


As mentioned above, these chilies are famous for their comparative hotter taste. And just like the many other varieties Chili Green LongChili, Green JalapenoChili Serrano, these are also in demand by many people around the

World. Their most common color is red and orange. Nevertheless, these are found in many different colors like purple, green, yellow, brown, and more. These may attain a maximum height of 2.25 inches when fully ripe.


Taste and different uses of Habanero Chili:  


Normally, their taste is very spicy and hotter when eaten raw. But, by the time its hotter impact disappears up to some extent when cooked properly. These are used to prepare many food and dishes, like a vegetable. Their sauces are very popular as these can produce a hotter impact on the food, especially for chili-lover people.

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