Kaffir Lime




Kaffir lime has many names like makrut lime, Thai lime, or even Mauritius papeda that is a citrus hystrix. Being a citrus fruit it belongs to southern China as well as tropical Southeast Asia. Interestingly, both its fruit and leaves are widely considered important ingredients in Southeast Asian cuisine. Whereas, its essential oil is used in many perfume products, accordingly. The word “kaffir” is perhaps derived from an ethnic slur of black African people of South Africa.


Uses and Ways of Intake


The leaves are more often used in various Cambodian and Thai cuisine all fresh, dried, or even frozen. Also, these leaves are used in Vietnamese Cuisine to add fragrance to chicken dishes and more. Whereas in Indonesian Cuisine, foods particularly, Indonesian bay leaf for chicken & fish contains them as an important ingredient. Also, it has been regarded as a key ingredient of many Burmese, Malaysian, Bengali, and South Indian cuisine.


Associated Health Benefits


Numerous health benefits are associated with Kaffir lime. For instance, its leaves and rind improve oral health. Not just the fruit itself, rather its leaves can be directly rubbed to produce yet good oral health by killing harmful bacteria in the mouth. And since it is so, many companies make organic toothpaste & mouthwash using it. The unique oil of kaffir lime is considered very much handy for detoxifying the blood from certain chronic blood-related diseases. Like lemongrass, kaffir lime has many components in common. These particular components are anti-inflammatory and stimulate the digestive system. Also, they produce relief from anxiety & stress and reduce age-marks, etc. There is a precautionary measure that is attached to it is the possible skin inflammation, at times.


Surprisingly, people from some Asian countries use its juice as well as rinds in many traditional medicines. Moreover, the juice is believed to kill head lice. Consequently, people like to use it for hairs’ good health.


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