Lettuce Frisee Yellow

12.00د.إ /Piece 150 to 250 PC


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Important Facts

It is often known as Belgian endiveFrisée is botanically known as Chichorium endivia, a curly variant of real endive. Curly endive is also known as Frisée in the United States and Chicorée Frisée in France.


Frisee green and yellow is a year-round food item.


There are a number of ways to moderate the harshness of Frisee yellow like If you’re looking for something to add some crunch and texture to your salad you can use this.  A durable green like Frisée may be used as a salad base for grilled steaks, salmon, and poultry because of its ability to retain its texture. Bitter Frisée is a perfect foil for a wide variety of flavorful toppings, such as pomegranate seeds, pear slices, bacon lardons, garlic and anchovies as well as toasted walnuts, balsamic vinegar and powerful creamy cheeses like blue and goat cheese. Frisée keeps for one to two weeks in the refrigerator.


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