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Padron peppers a.k.a. Herbon peppers are a type of peppers from Padron municipality of A Coruna, Galicia province in northwestern Spain. Their particular origin is the reason for their name. However, these particular peppers are widely cultivated in various parts of southern Spain, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Morocco, and more. These are picked even when they are quite small in size. Ideally, their season continues from May till late October. Nevertheless, greenhouse plantation has made them available throughout the year.

Texture and Taste of Padron peppers

These are small in size, normally 2 inches (5 cm) long. Interestingly, its color ranges from bright to pretty yellowish-green and even red at times. Their taste is normally mild. Only a certain portion (about 10-25 %) is hot. The reason behind the fact whether it will be mild or hot depends upon the amount of water and sunlight it is exposed to, along with the temperature. Surprisingly, a connotation is attached to this phenomenon. If the plant goes through the watering process with a focus on soil exclusively, peppers would be mild in taste. And if each part of the plant (including leaves and stalks) is watered, the taste would be spicier at the end of the day.

Typically there is no hard and fast rule to predict the taste of Padron Peppers. The only way out is to taste it. Some expert believes that their aroma is also another thing for differentiation. But it all depends!


Different uses and health benefits of Padron Peppers

These peppers are very famous in native culture. More often people like to fry it in olive oil till the time skin gets blister. Consequently, these are ready to serve quite hot with the oil and dusting of salt like on crispy French fries. On the other hand, numerous cooking recipes include them as a key ingredient.

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