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The pomegranate is a wonderful fruit that was actually originated from the region lasting till northern India through Iran. Also it has been cultivated throughout the Mediterranean region since centuries. However, it was introduced to Spanish America and California in 16th and 18th century respectively. Ever since people around the globe has found it one of the top most delicious and joyous fruit. Its typical season starts from October to February in Northern hemisphere whereas from March to May in Southern hemisphere. As of now it is widely cultivated in Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, Central Asia and more.

Taste and uses:

Since Pomegranates are one of the very few yet widely famous fruits throughout the world therefore people can talk about its taste quite easily. To be honest it has fairly tart taste with a decent amount of sweetness underneath. This is the reason why people like to have fresh pomegranate juice as top priority. Nevertheless, they are used in cooking, baking, juice blends, fruit cocktails, salads, meal garnishing and more. Interestingly, a (100g) piece of serving fruit contains 12% vitamin C, 16% vitamin K and 10% folate of daily value (DV) respectively. Likewise their seeds contain 20% dietary fiber of DV. Consequently there are numerous health benefits that are attached to the Pomegranates. Among them, fabulous five are as under:

  • The help fight against heart diseases and cancer.
  • Being the source of anti-oxidants, protest us from free radicals.
  • Presence of anti-oxidants also paves the way for blood thinning.
  • Pomegranates are also handy to pump the level of oxygen in the body.
  • They are also beneficial in improving the memory.


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