Shiso Leaves Purple




Shiso Leaves

Shiso leaves come in purple ranges as well. They are a deep dark variety of shiso leaves which has burgundy veins found on dense bushy plants. It is a great garden landscape since it accentuates its surrounding colors. It also works well in mixed containers and is an edible foliage. Purple shiso leaves are used just like one use basil leaf. It performs well whether it is kept in sun or shade.

Uses of Shiso Leaves

Mostly Shiso leaves purple are used for garnishing. It is used for garnishing dishes like noodles including hiyamugi or somen. It’s also used in garnishing meat dishes like sashimi, tataki, namero and fish dishes like tofu or hiyayakko.

Shiso leaves are slightly spicy in its flavor and has a hint of a cinnamon undertone. The entire plant can be consumed whole from it’s leaves to its seeds. Its seeds are used to make edible oil in places around the globe like Korea.

For weight loss purposes, these leaves are a great way to enhance your dieting. The shiso leaves could be used to convert to shiso juice which is great for those who are dieting. It contains a rosmarinic acid which suppresses digestion and aids with the absorption of sugar and fats.

Shiso leaves purple are also rich in calcium and iron. It helps with maintaining healthy bones and teeth due to its calcium content. The iron in them helps make red blood cells which improves the health of your blood and alternatively the heart.

If you mix these leaves in boiling water and drink it as a tea, it will contain many health benefits. This remedy is used in Japan and other Asian countries. The tea of shiso leaves purple contains antioxidants. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and allergy-fighting agents. It also helps improve the immunity of body systems and progresses the health of the skin.


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