Sorel Leaves (Ambada Vaji)






Local Greens, like Ambadi, are Climate-resilient, grow in every condition, need no labor and can bring relatively easy income for our farmers.

The green-leaved, red-stemmed ambadi belongs to the hibiscus family. Ambadi is taller than the other greens and more acidic, which is why it is not affected by the microorganisms during monsoons. It can be safely consumed during monsoons.That’s why it considered the queen of green vegetables.

It is available all over the country and known by different names. Ambadi is its Marathi name, Gongura in Telugu, Sorrel leaves or Roselle in English, Pitwaa in Hindi, khata Palanga in Oriya, and mestapat in Bengali.

Good for Women Health

Ambadi is a good source of folic acid and iron. It is without the side effects of constipation that come with an iron pill. As it is a good source of Vitamin C it eases the pain during menstruation and also prevents heavy bleeding. Consume it in the form of tea during regular periods.

Good for bone health

According to studies, the Ambadi leaves are also a great way to keep your bones strong. This mineral-rich plant has calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus in abundance, all of which are important for maintaining strong and healthy bones. A diet rich in these minerals can help in preventing bone loss and conditions such as osteoporosis.

Boosts immune health

The high content of vitamin C, popularly known as ascorbic acid, plays a major role in boosting the immune system and in increasing the number of white blood cells in the body. This is also one of the reasons Ambadi/ gongura is widely consumed even during the monsoons.

Controls Homocysteine Levels

Homocysteine is a common amino acid in the blood. High levels of Homocysteine is linked to early heart diseases and Renal diseases. Ambadi is an excellent source of folate and Vitamin B6 which are needed to keep the homocysteine levels low.

Prevents constipation

Magnesium and Fibre present in Ambadi provide quick relief from constipation. The laxative property of this vitamin helps to relax the intestinal muscles, thus helping to establish a smoother rhythm while passing bowels. It also has another property of attracting water, which in turn softens the stool and helps it to pass easily


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