What Makes Alphonso Mangoes Worth-Buying

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  • March 29, 2021
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What Makes Alphonso Mangoes Worth-Buying

We are almost out of pre-summer as we are approaching summer in no time. Usually, in many parts of the world summer is so hot, long and boring. For instance native people of South Asia, Gulf, and even Southeast Asia are very much familiar with this fact. But people still find many ways to break the monotony. And they are lucky enough to yet enjoy their summer by the dint of mangoes! In this article, I will exclusively discuss Alphonso Mango. No doubt this particular type of mangoes is quite expensive. Nevertheless, I will share some solid justifications as to what makes the Alphonso Mangoes worth-buying for you

Taste and Texture of Alphonso

Alphonso Mangoes Worth-Buying

This particular type has amazing taste. If you taste it for the first time you will feel a clear difference. And due to this reason, you would like to have more and more mangoes. Normally, a mediocre size fruit weights 150-300 grams. Also, the fruit gets bright golden when it is fully ripe. Of course, its tender, creamy and juicy pulp is a treat to eat.

Traditional Mango Parties

Alphonso Mangoes Worth-Buying

In our part of the world, people from all age groups and all walks of life love to attend mango parties right from the start of the season till the end. These parties are a means of a social get-together. And are arranged at pools, canal banks, riversides, or even at the beaches, most of the time. Of course, this is one way that you can make your day!

Nutrient Check & Health Advantages

As we all know Mango is regarded as ‘‘the king of fruits’’ for its taste and quality. But at the same time, many important nutrients and minerals are found in it. Various health advantages are also attached with it, accordingly. For instance, it is a quite rich source of vitamin C, 44% of Daily Value (DV). Moreover, it has vitamin E, Vitamin K, dietary fiber, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, and many more. Interestingly, they are full of certain unique compounds that act as antioxidants to prevent cells from radical damage. Also, they support heart health, improve the digestive system, and enhance immunity.

Alphonso is exported worldwide due to its taste and quality. If you are residing in UAE and you want to enjoy Indian Mango or Alphonso Mango, Freshleaf UAE, is the best option for you, throughout in UAE.


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