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Famous in Japan by the name shiso ( shiso leaves) a.k.a. Perilla frutescens v. crispa otherwise, is a herb in the mint family. Traditionally, mountainous parts of China and India are considered for their cultivation. But now it is found around the world. Interestingly, the plant is perennial which means the plant lives for more than two years or so. Its leaves are characterized based on different colors like green, purple, red, bicolor, and more.


Taste and Texture of Shiso Leaves

Normally, the shiso plant grows up to 100 cm or 39 inches. And their leaves have broad ovate with prominent ends with large leafstalk. Its seed is 1mm as far as length is concerned whereas it weighs approximately 1.5 grams per 1 thousand seeds. However, its taste is quite apart and mysterious. Those who eat it for the first time may found that its taste is a bit bright that can remind of mint, basil, cinnamon, and more like that. And the smell is very much similar to a mountain meadow after a rainstorm.

Uses and Ways of Intake

Different parts of the shiso plant are widely used in many East Asian as well as Southeast Asian cuisine, accordingly. The leaves are eaten raw, in the salad, and more. However, wild and weedy leaves are not recommended for eating. As these may not have the signature fragrance and also they can be potentially toxic.

It is the amazing aroma of shiso that makes them stand out in the lot. Perhaps this is the reason that many Asians or one should rather say Southeast Asians widely used these leaves in seafood to produce yet pleasant aroma together. And one may find many fish-oriented dishes using shiso as a key ingredient of the recipe. For instance various types of sushi with green shiso leaves; shrimp and whitebait sashimi with green shiso leaves and more. If like to have shiso and more, Freshleaf is the best place for you, throughout the UAE for the quality as well as the economic prices.


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