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5.00د.إ 3.00د.إ/Bunch 1x250gm -40%


7.00د.إ 5.00د.إ/Bunch 1x500gm -29%

Spring Onion

4.00د.إ 2.00د.إ/Bunch 1x200gm -50%


4.00د.إ/Bunch 1x100gm

Lime Leaves

45.00د.إ 29.50د.إ/Pkt 1x500gm -35%


3.00د.إ/Bunch 1x200gm

Pak Choi

8.00د.إ 5.00د.إ /Bunch 1x500gm -38%

Lettuce Gem

20.00د.إ 18.50د.إ/Pkt -8%

Lettuce Frisse Yellow

16.00د.إ 12.00د.إ /Piece 150 to 250 PC -25%

Lettuce Lollo Biando

7.00د.إ 6.50د.إ /Piece 150 to 250 PC -8%

Lettuce Oak Leave

9.00د.إ 8.75د.إ/Piece 150 to 250 PC -3%

Lettuce Romaine

6.00د.إ 3.00د.إ/Piece 150 to 250 PC -50%

Lettuce Mache

14.00د.إ 11.00د.إ/PKT /Pkt 1x125gm -22%

Lettuce Boston

7.75د.إ 6.50د.إ /Pc 200g to 240g per pc -17%

Lettuce Frisee Green

8.25د.إ 8.00د.إ /Piece 150 to 250 PC -4%

Lettuce Iceberg

8.00د.إ 5.75د.إ/Per PC 300 to 350g -29%

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