Why Mango is the King of Fruits!

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  • March 12, 2021
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Summer is about to prevail in many parts of the world. Normally, summer is hot, full of humidity, and too long. Especially people from South Asia, the Gulf, and even Southeast Asia find it pretty hard to deal with it. Nevertheless, many things can make the summer yet cool and consequently memorable. Mango stands at the top of the list of such things with no surprise at all. Native people are overwhelmed with joy wherever summer is to come just because of mango. Throughout a huge time, people have developed a common notation “Mango is the king of the fruits.” Here I have listed down some rock-solid reason as to why mango is the king of fruits.

Taste and aroma of Pakistani Mango

Let’s be specific and let’s talk about Pakistani Mango. If we talk about the taste, it is a pretty creamy yet fruity taste with a bit of pine and sweet flavors, for sure. It is not so simple to describe in words how you enjoy eating it. Many things in our life are beyond words. Similarly, the unique aroma of this amazing fruit is awesome. If you have it in bulk quantity in your home, it’s very much obvious that you will experience a distinct aroma all over. And surely you can’t ignore it at all.

Different uses of Pakistani Mango


On the other hand, there are different ways that we can have a Pakistani Mango. Some people would love to take it raw. However, it is widely consumed in certain value-added foods like Jam, Jelly, custard, ice cream, juice, salad, or even mango-shakes. Also, I would like to mention that people from all age groups and all walks of life like the mango so much that “Mango Party” has become a carnival by the time. Also, many people prefer to send Pakistani Mangoes as a summer greeting gift to their beloved ones very often.


Auxiliary Health Benefits


Pakistani Mango possesses many important nutrients as well as minerals. And various health benefits are also associated with it, accordingly. For instance, it has a decent amount of vitamin C, almost 44% of Daily Value. Also, it contains vitamin E, Vitamin K, Calcium, dietary fiber, Iron, Magnesium, and many more.

They are full of certain unique compounds that act as antioxidants to prevent cells from radical damage. Moreover, they are very handy for heart health, improve the digestive system, and boost our immunity, consequently. Lastly, I would like to say that together all these things make Mango is the King of Fruits!

Interestingly, Pakistani Mangoes are exported worldwide due to their taste and quality. And UAE is one of the largest importers of it. So if you are residing in UAE and you want to enjoy it, Freshleaf UAE is the best option for you. As at Freshleaf you will have a full range of exotic yet fresh and healthy, fruits and vegetables those too at quite economical prices, throughout UAE.

If you want to know more about fresh & healthy, fruits and vegetables, stay with us and till our upcoming blog!


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